Can You Drink Tea During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the significant steps in the life of a woman, a period when she experiences a unique connection with the baby. Expecting mothers hence do everything to deliver a healthy child. Can you drink tea during pregnancy? This is one of the frequently asked questions by pregnant mothers. You will be happy to know that it is excellently safe to take tea during pregnancy though you need to follow some simple guidelines. Tea provides a healthy, satisfying, and natural drink during pregnancy. However, the fact that it has benefits does not mean it has no risks. Here is an exclusive look at everything you need to know about drinking tea during pregnancy, including the benefits of tea, risks associated with it, and the bests teas to drink during pregnancy.

Drinking the Tea for Its Benefits

Drinking tea during pregnancy comes with lots of benefits. These include;

1. Helps to Keep You Hydrated

When you have a stomach that is compressed by your baby and always running to the washroom after every couple of minutes, you will probably stop the habit of drinking water frequently. As a result, you can easily suffer from dehydration during pregnancy. Although you might not get dehydrated to the point of requiring medical attention, you might be walking with less water in the body than you require. Tea helps to keep you hydrated and reduce common pregnancy complaints exacerbated by dehydration such as fatigue, sleep difficulties, headache, and constipation.

2. Tea Is Rich in Nutrients and Antioxidants

Tea contains antioxidants that are important in protecting the immune system keeping you and your young one safe. This is one more reason for drinking tea during pregnancy. The antioxidants are the naturally occurring substances found in plants that eliminate waste products that cause damaging effects to our cells. During pregnancy, the placenta produces waste products in your body hence the need for antioxidants to remove them. Tea also contains nutrients, including magnesium, iron, and calcium, that are important for the developing baby.

3. Useful in Preparing You for Labor

Some types of tea claim to assist you during labor apart from the several health benefits that are good for you and your baby. Various herbal teas, including cinnamon flavored and raspberry leaf tea, are scientifically proven to help in toning your uterine muscles, making the labor contractions more efficient and help to shorten your labor.

4. Help in Combating Morning Sickness

One of the most challenging pregnancy symptoms is morning sickness that makes it difficult for you to enjoy the early months of pregnancy. Morning sickness mostly occurs on an empty stomach and leaves you needing something to eat to feel better, yet you find it hard to stomach most of the beverages and foods. Tea serves as a good substitute that is palatable and satisfying. Ginger is also known to soothe nausea, and there are lots of ginger teas on the market. Lemon balm tea is also perfect for combating morning sickness.

5. How About Matcha

Some pregnant women are the fun of matcha because it will help them to keep in the right shape for fast recovery, general speaking, matcha is safe to drink during pregnancy. but you should consume no more than 200mg daily according to Tony Havelka, who is the main editor of Liquid Image.

Precautions When Drinking Tea During Pregnancy

Although tea has lots of benefits, you need to consider the following guidelines;

  • Go for the Decaffeinated Teas

Tea has caffeine, which is considered to be acceptable as long as you take it in moderation. Drinking too much caffeine during pregnancy might be harmful to your body. You should go for a decaffeinated tea that will give keep you and your baby safe while giving you a great taste. It is also okay for you to take about 200mg of caffeine daily.

  • Avoid Teas with Ingredients That Are Unsafe During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it is essential to be safe. When buying the herbal blend teas, you should always check that it does contain any unsafe ingredients, including; Chamomile, Dandelion, Cohosh, Nettles, Rosehip, Licorice tea, Earl Grey, Dong Quai, , Yellow dock as well as other pregnancy tea for safe consider.

Types of Tea Recommended During Pregnancy

Some of the best teas for you to drink during pregnancy include;

  •         Real tea. Green, black, and oolong tea are safe to drink during pregnancy. However, the level of caffeine in these teas I a big concern, and you should drink less than four 8-ounce cups daily or opt for decaffeinated varieties.
  •         Ginger root tea. This tea is excellent, especially in combating pregnant related nausea. Ginger is a unique ingredient effective against nausea. 
  •         Peppermint leaf tea. The herbal tea is significantly believed to be suitable for pregnant mothers. It also helps with morning sickness and those who suffer from a queasy stomach. However, you should avoid this tea if you have acid reflux or heartburn.
  •         Red raspberry leaf tea. This herbal tea is prepared with raspberry plant leaves. This tea helps prepare for labor and tone pregnancy. It is recommended to take the drink during the second and third tri-semester.


Tea is a beneficial addition to your diet during pregnancy when taken in moderation. It can assist in alleviating the common pregnancy complaints and also provide a less caffeinated alternative to you’re the cup of coffee in the morning. You just need to observe the guidelines provided above, such as avoiding some ingredients such as nettles and Dong Quai that are not safe for pregnancy and limiting the daily caffeine intake to 200mg.

How to Stay Fashion When You Are Pregnant

You’ve been joyous after learning that you’ve conceived and the wait to finally deliver your baby seems endless. However, as the months progress, you realize that you are experiencing changes in your body that you never anticipated.

Suddenly you feel frumpy and no longer sexy. Clothes can’t fit well like before, and you are even afraid to go out with friends. What you don’t know is that changes during pregnancy should be the least of your worries.

You can still appear fashionable during pregnancy provided that you select the right kind of wear. The wife’s choice of what to wear during pregnancy will determine their appeal to their husbands and peers. Therefore, it all down to you to choose the right kind of wear combination. The following are some of the tips that will help you stay fashionable as you wait to receive your bouncing gift:

Purchase your usual sized clothes

You might feel that your body is going to grow immensely during pregnancy and decide to buy oversized clothes to fill this gap. But unknown to many women, wearing oversized clothes makes them appear shapeless and unattractive. The arms, back and shoulders cannot fit well in an oversized dress. Instead, you appear bigger than usual, and many women never crave looking big.

The best way is to select maternity clothes that are built for your frame. These clothes usually have room to accommodate changes in boob’s size and the bump, and you still look fashionable. Therefore, you need to settle on your right cloth size.

Wear natural fibers

Part of staying fashionable is ensuring that you are comfortable with what you are wearing. Donning a cloth that allows your skin to stay cool at all times is key to building confidence during pregnancy. In this respect, avoid polyester and other artificial fiber. Instead, settle for natural wear made from cotton and linen as they allow aeration of the skin. If you are going to the office, cotton shirts and blouses are the best bet for you.

More importantly, choose white clothes as they reflect away heat. Also, you can choose to sport a cotton camisole if you are staying in the house all day. It’ll aid your body to stay fresh.


Invest in a suit

You can still go to the job place and look modest even during pregnancy. All that you need to do is to purchase the designer maternity suits that fit your body frame. A neutral color is the best to enable matching with other tops.

Although this is subject preferences, a skirt suit is better than a trouser one. The reason is that it is easier to adjust a skirt to the changing body shape in the course of the pregnancy.

Choose snug over bulky

Many women feel like they need to begin wearing bulky clothes to conceal their increased body size look. However, this is a bad idea. As much as some body features will become bigger, some like the arms and hips will still retain their normal size.

Wear slimmer pants and snug-sleeved tops that ensure that you maintain your sexy appeal. Try clothes that fit perfectly to your body frame to make your body curves conspicuous. It is time to appear sexy than never before and having a baby bump shouldn’t hinder you from that. Therefore, avoid bulky clothes as they will make you feel less confident about yourself.

Look for adaptable styles

The secret to staying smart during pregnancy is getting clothes that will be used all through even during the nursing periods. This will, however, require you to invest heavily on high-quality clothes that can stretch and contract easily depending on the body changes.

Many women make the mistake of buying cheap stuff that become rugged after a short while. Avoid this mistake and settle for the best quality that you can afford. Remember you may have to wear these clothes for more than six months.

mom chair

Wear a supportive underwear

If you intend to sport the fashionable appeal during pregnancy, don’t ignore wearing the bra as many women often do. Your bust is changing every new day during pregnancy, and you need to take care of that by wearing a bra that fits. Wearing the right bra during pregnancy primarily offers you the comfort that you need by ensuring that your bust is intact.

Additionally, it helps to build your confidence which is one of the primary things that you need to stay fashionable. Therefore, select the appropriate underwear that takes care of your body developments.

Choose complementary colors

The color of the clothes that you wear also has a major influence on how to look and feel about yourself. The best choice is complimentary colored clothes that are in many cases cheap. You need to have a clothes collection that doesn’t give you a headache while selecting what to wear.

Complimentary colors mean that you can easily mix different combinations and look great without much trouble. Remember the primary determinant of your appeal is what you wear. Therefore, the color code of your dresses is key.

Buy extenders

You don’t have to discard all your former clothes just because you are pregnant. You undoubtedly look nice in your favorite jeans, and you still want to wear them until the bump size can’t allow it. The solution is having a bump band that is an important additive in this case.

With the extender, you can continue wearing your jeans and match it with favorite tops ensuring that you maintain a sexy appeal. Additionally, your bras could still be useful despite the increase in the bust size provided that they still fit in the breasts cap.

During pregnancy, the rib cage may take different size, and this is what you need to address. A bra extender will enable you to continue wearing your old brassieres. This will ensure that you save on having to buy another set that you will probably discard after you deliver.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you can no longer keep up with the new fashion trends. You can still appear sexy or even better depending on your wardrobe choice. It is time to show a little skin, wear more body-hugging outfits and try out different color patterns. You still want to attend work and look modern. With fashionable outfits, you will look classy among your peers. Also, you can attend events like anybody else and not appear out of place. It all in your wardrobe choice.